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As long as you correctly place the block, it will last about thirty days. To choose the right sized block for the space your air-conditioner services, view our products page.

Gelair™ Air-conditioning Blocks are a biodegradable gel containing tea tree oil. When the air conditioning unit operates normally, the gel vaporises in the air, releasing the tea tree oil. The tea tree oil controls the mold and bacteria in the air handling units, ducts and rooms serviced by the air-conditioner.

Gelair™ Solution is a concentrated solubilised solution of tea tree oil. Mixed with other cleaning agents, this product is great for cleaning cooling coils in air handling units, ducts and other contaminated surfaces.

Latest News

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New Gelair Brochure

Our Gelair Product Brochure has now been updated to include our NEW products. Access the brochure here.


Indoor Air Quality and Mold

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Gelair™ Health-e SPLIT Now Available

Gelair™ Health-e SPLIT for wall mounted split or reverse cycle air conditioning systems is NOW AVAILABLE.