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GelairTM Product Availability May Differ By Region

Air Quality
Mold Growth
Bacteria & Viruses
Stains & Odour
Energy Costs

Gelair™ Air Conditioning Blocks

High volume, high flow AC systems




Gelair™ Health-e SPLIT

Medium volume, medium flow SPLIT reverse cycle AC systems (wall or cassette)

Gelair™ Tub

Low volume, low flow small areas

Gelair™All Purpose Steriliser & Cleaner

Delivering the powerful properties of Australian Tea Tree Oil
to all areas 

Gelair™ Coil & Duct Cleaner

Specifically designed for cleaning AC Coils and Ducts 

Gelair™ Fogging Solution

For use with extensive mold or bacteria issues requiring rapidand effective treatment and control 


Gelair™ Health-e CAR

Delivering mold, bacteria and odour control to
your vehicle 

Gelair™ Car Dispenser

Delivering mold, bacteria and odour control to
your vehicle 


Latest News

Manuka (Tea Tree) honey from Australia a strong contender against antibiotic-resistant

Click here to read an article on how honey made by bees foraging on the manuka, or tea tree plant, has antibiotic properties at least as powerful as the New Zealand variety which has antibacterial activity that can kill superbugs like golden staph.

New Gelair Brochure

Our Gelair Product Brochure has now been updated to include our NEW products. Access the brochure here.


Indoor Air Quality and Mold

Click here for reference information on Indoor Air Quality and Mold. 


Gelair™ Health-e SPLIT Now Available

Gelair™ Health-e SPLIT for wall mounted split or reverse cycle air conditioning systems is NOW AVAILABLE.